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clinically proven sleep patch.

Featured on 'The Doctors', the Klova Sleep Patch delivers melatonin and natural ingredients transdermally throughout the night, promoting restful & restorative sleep. Simply peel, stick and sleep your way to better mornings.

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"There is NO WAY this works"

Actually, independent studies on transdermal melatonin patch effectiveness conducted by the NIH show they can work better than melatonin pills and capsules.


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How It Works

1. Peel off a patch and stick it on a clean, hairless area with good blood-flow.

2. The proprietary Acry-Sorb adhesive, only found in Klova, dilates your capillaries and readies them for absorption. 

3. Melatonin and nine other natural ingredients are absorbed through the night, promoting restful sleep. Simple remove and discard upon waking.

Why Klova sleep patch users love it, and what you can expect:

1. They stay asleep all night, no more tossing & turning.

The gradual & continuous ingredient release in Klova can help you stay asleep though the night and wake up less frequently .

"I sleep through the whole night now... it's super effective."


2. They fall asleep easier.

In a recent sleep study, 92% of participants said they fell asleep easier when using Klova, and 98% felt less tired on mornings after using.

I Want To Fall Asleep Easier

3. They have more energy.

96% of sleep study participants reported more daytime wakefulness and energy after using the Klova sleep patch.

"I always wake up looking refreshed and feeling energized."


4. They get more restful sleep.

In a recent sleep study, 92% of participants said they fell asleep easier when using Klova, and 98% felt less tired on mornings after using.

I Want Restful Sleep

"I used to get 4 hours of sleep, but with these I get 8!"


5. Klova sleep patches are guaranteed to work, or your money back.

It's really that simple. If Klova sleep patches don't help you get your best sleep ever, contact customer service for a refund. We doubt you'll need it as Klova works for over 98% of problem sleepers.

Still Skeptical?

28 Sleep Patches for just $28 + Free Shipping

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Rested Humans agree, Klova works

"I've recommended it to so many patients - it works!"

-Dr. Sydne Ford, MD

Made in the USA | Money Back Guarantee

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What are you waiting for? Restful sleep awaits, see you in bed ;)

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28 Sleep Patches for just $28 ($1/Night)

Made in the USA | Money Back Guarantee

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Developed by Physicians

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