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30 Serving Pouch

30 Serving Pouch

30 Serving Pouch

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All Klova For Kids pouches feature interactive packaging your kids are sure to love.

The World's FIRST Interactive Children's Packaging

- Easily label each pouch (great for multiple kids)

- Colorize the characters

- Foster healthy habits with bedtime reminders


Kids Sleep ZGummies

Promotes restful sleep in children 4+, fortified with melatonin, passionfruit extract and vitamin B6. Start with 1 gummy per night, and give up to 2 as needed. ZGummies work best when taken 30 minutes before bed.

Kids Immunity Gummies

Support a healthy immune system, packed with elderberry extract, vitamin C and zinc. Defend Immunity Gummies for kids are 'Moms Choice' for tackling sniffle season. Plus, they taste AMAZING!

Kids Multivitamin Gummies

Start their mornings off right with delicious strawberry multivitamin gummies! Loaded with Vitamins A-E, and fortified with Zinc and other minerals, Daily Multi Gummies are the perfect way to wake up and kick off the day on the right foot. Kids love this daily dose of yum - and parents love the daily dose of vitamins!

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Buy a 30 serving pouch of all 3 gummies, and get them for just $14.25/ each

$14.25/ 30 Day Supply

$14.25/ 30 Day Supply

$14.25/ 30 Day Supply


JUST $̶5̶7̶ $42.75 FOR ALL THREE

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FULL 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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